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Bathroom Basics

Alice Jones 

Have you ever known someone who just seems to get it oh so right when it comes to renovating their bathroom. They seamlessly design & execute their choices so effortlessly that it leaves the rest of us pining a luxurious retreat to call our own.

Bathrooms tend to come second, or even third in the home renovation pecking order. Focal points of the home, such as kitchens, lounge areas & outdoor living areas take priority in 80% of GRJ Homes' work and it often has me (slyly) slipping clients beautiful images of refurbed suites & hardware in a last pitch attempt to awaken the renovation beast inside them.

It usually works.

There is something magnificent about a bathroom that screams "NO I will not just be known for the wet towels on the floor and chipped dated tiles & tapware, I will be loved for my elegance, modernity & flawless design"...(now before you think I've gone off the bandwagon in thinking bathrooms can really say all this (of course they can't!)...imagine what yours would say IF it could).

Your prep for the perfect bathroom design starts here. We often get asked "how do I make the most of this space" and without the proper tools or knowledge, turning the old into new can seem like a slam dunk into the (waste) basket.

Tip 1: I've said it before & I will 1000 times more - RESEARCH. This is the absolute, don't hold back, think you've got it... well check again, most important task you must do. PRIOR to renovating. It will ensure you have the bathroom of your dreams at a price you can afford, your principal contractor will know from the get-go what they need to do to make it a reality & you will be endlessly happy with the finished room (did someone say ensuite next?!).

Tip 2: To bathe or not to bathe? Baths have taken a back seat in past years, mainly due to space & proportion issues, but have recently taken the design world by the bubbles and are back in a big way. Free standing, claw footed, colourful...the humble bath has done a backflip & a huge range of design features & styles are available for your choosing. This is a sure-fire way to make a big impact on your room. But...if space is not on your side, don't worry, you have one less item to choose (ahh... relief) & can get stuck into your shower design. Frameless, framed, drop down, step up (sounds a lot like a dance move from the 80's...), I am amazed by the simple, modern, sophisticated shower designs that are popping up and are available at any budget.

Tip 3: Getting back to the 80's, does anyone remember what their bathroom, or mum & dad's actually looked like? Now, I'm going to give a little shout out to my parents, they are stylish, they like nice things, they take pride in their home & furnishings, but their bathroom three decades ago was horrendous. Correct me if I'm wrong, but everything from that era seemed to be of, well...salmon colour. You will be pretty safe in 2032, if today you choose neutral colours & tones that are easily adaptable to your (or future owners) tastes and social trends. I'm all for a bright splash of blue or green in a bathroom, but I choose to do this through towels, artwork & plants, not through laying chartreuse tiles over 95% of the room. Take note.

There you have it, my Top 3 tips for renovating your bathroom. If you would like to get into the nitty-gritty stuff, please contact us, we would love to have a chat about updating your personal space into a luxurious retreat.

I'll leave you with some design inspiration to get you started -enjoy these beauties.


Sophisticated & ultra-modern design.

Loving the tapware & accessories.

Simple, modern, functional, elegant.

Dark grey, timber & white.

Vintage modern.

Clean & functional, love the high mirror.

Great proportions.

A classic GRJ Homes makeover

Large enough for the largest of families